Re–watch live footage of Dougie’s record-breaking wheelie

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Sunday 25th September 2016 remains etched heavily in the memory of former multi-World Champion and Red Bull athlete Dougie Lampkin, who on this day in history became the first rider to ever wheelie the entire 37.7 miles of the Isle of Man Mountain TT course. Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of this amazing record, and even half a decade later no one has attempted to emulate Dougie’s incredible feat let alone come close to matching it.

Broadcast live on Red Bull TV on that historic day, the unfolding story as Dougie faced one challenge after another gripped the nation, with viewers reporting that they were unable to tear themselves away from their screens as they followed Lampkin’s progress whilst literally sat on the edge of their seats. Oncoming traffic, high winds and fatigue meant the outcome was never certain at any point, with Dougie forced to wheelie the last few hundred metres stuck in a lower gear such was the risk of upsetting his balance again with the finish line in sight.

Utter relief immediately gave way to fist pumping mayhem as Lampkin realised the sheer scale of his achievement when he crossed the line, importantly still on one wheel.

Reflecting on that magical day Dougie said: “Even five years on memories of that day remain very clear in my mind, both good and bad. Looking back on it now, it’s hard to understand what I was thinking. The project was utter madness from start to finish, and doing it live on TV put the whole thing on another level. As I said at the time, and even reflecting on it now, it ranks right up there with my World Championship titles. It’s something I am very proud of and will always be a big part of my history.” 

Lampkin continued: “To this day I have never watched it back, so it’s great that the entire live show has now been re–released to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this amazing project. I’m really looking forward to sitting down with my boys and reliving what was a very special day in my long career.”

Re–watch live footage of Dougie’s record-breaking wheelie – click here

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This unique film provides an exclusive behind the scenes insight into Dougie’s historic feat, as he became the first rider to successfully wheelie the entire 37.7 miles of the iconic Isle of Man TT Mountain course. The documentary includes previously unseen footage from this amazing project, very personal interviews with Dougie and other family members plus archive footage that charts the Lampkin history and Dougie’s early years.