Friday 14/02/14


Twelve times FIM Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin visited Barcelona earlier this week to catch up with the Vertigo team who have been busy taking the next important steps in the process of developing their all-new trials bike that Dougie will debut at some point later this year.


Much progress has been made since the Red Bull athlete's initial visit to Vertigo's Barcelona headquarters only a few weeks ago, with Dougie actually being able to test the recently assembled prototype engine ahead of it undergoing a rigorous reliability-testing programme as part of its already extensive development process. Lampkin was very pleased with his first impression of the new two-stroke machine and was fully debriefed by Vertigo's lead engineer on exact specification of the engine that is set to create new standards within this specialised sector.

Following his initial test, Dougie was extremely enthusiastic about this new venture. "Although I was hoping to see some progress since my last visit, I was simply astounded just how much work the team has done in the last few weeks. If anyone had any doubt how serious Vertigo are about making a new bike from the ground up, then they need to be warned otherwise, as when this bike breaks cover people will realise just how special this project actually is."

"Vertigo have looked at the current crop of trials bikes and have literally analysed the strength and weaknesses of each make by riding them and also by looking at them from an engineering point of view." Continued Lampkin. "Then with a clean piece of paper they have created a brand new engine with several ground breaking ideas, not just for the sake of it, but to deliver a much improved package."

The seven times winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial added. "There is no doubt about the resources and budget that is being made available to create a winning machine, however the outstanding feeling amongst the entire Vertigo team is their sheer passion to succeed in this demanding project. Although we are already in a good place, no one involved is under estimating that there is still an incredible amount of work to be done over the coming weeks and months if we are to arrive with a machine that is capable of winning at the highest level and to create what will be the best bike available to regular trials riders."

Dougie finished off by saying. "Throughout my long career I have had some great opportunities, like working with the guys at Honda and HRC to develop their first four stroke trials bike for many years, but I have to say that being a part of the Vertigo project is every inch as exciting and something I aim to be very proud of in the future."

Further information regarding this new and exciting relationship will be issued in due course, with no date having yet been set for Dougie to make his debut appearance on the new Vertigo machine.