Dougie Lampkin - Gas Gas was up to his old tricks when he recently visited the Goodwood Estate near Winchester for the official launch of this year's Festival of Speed event that will take place from 12th to 14th July. Lampkin, who through his previous performances at the annual summer motorsport extravaganza, has earned his place as one of the Earl of March's favourite acts, was amongst a select gathering of guests who enjoyed a sumptuous private dinner on the eve of the main media day. With the fine dining almost done and whilst the dessert dishes were being carefully cleared Dougie disappeared to the privacy of a nearby room to swap his formal shoes for a pair of Alpinestars trials boots and to put his distinctive Red Bull helmet in place. With his absence undetected and still wearing his dinner suit Lampkin made a grand re-entrance by mounting the never ending dining table aboard his two stroke machine to absolute shock and astonishment of the distinguished guests.

Thankfully Lord March and his team were very much a part of the stunt, having requested Dougie's return to repeat a performance that was first executed on his Goodwood debut five years ago. The sight and sound of the 'sugar' glass table decorations shattering beneath his wheels as Lampkin made his way along the polished surface was greeted by loud applause as the one hundred or so guests including high ranking officers from the motor industry from the likes of Porsche, Honda and Peugeot realised the identity of the noisy perpetrator.

Lampkin, who himself recently celebrated his thirty-seventh birthday, will be a part of this summer's Goodwood Festival of Speed that will mark the twentieth anniversary of this unique and World famous event. Two decades on and the annual gathering continues to capture the hearts, souls and minds of the tens of thousands of petrol fuelled fans that visit the traditional British venue each year. Whilst Dougie's exact role in the 2013 edition's festivities remains a closely guarded secret, Lord March will know exactly what the twelve times FIM Trial World Champion will be up to having once again taken a personal interest in his participation.

Speaking about his ongoing relationship with Goodwood, Lampkin stated. "It's no secret that the Festival of Speed is one of my favourite events each year, and this year is no different. I am very proud to have been invited back by Lord March and to be a part of this year's very special twenty year celebrations."

"Although the Festival of Speed is predominantly a car event, each year I attend I am amazed by the incredible support and warm welcome that the four wheel fans give me," explained Dougie. "It is great to be able to perform on such a big stage and to be part of an event that is now recognised around the World." 

Lampkin signed off with the following acknowledgement. "I would like to thank both Lord March and Red Bull for working together so that I can be back at Goodwood again this year." 

Click here to watch Dougie take to the table.

Image by kind permission of Goodwood.

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